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Club Dead
After many a nights of failed attempts, a group of friends obsessed with Hollywood's hottest night spot finally make it in with the help of their new friend Judy. The hot music, beautiful people and open bar lead the gang to believe this will be the best night of their lives. But, it doesn't take long until they discover that Club Dead has a dark secret- it's run by the undead and those that get in aren't meant to come out "alive"! Judy discovers why she was chosen- Madame has a unique destiny in mind for the pure young beauty. When Judy and her friends discover the truth, chaos ensues as the group is desperate to find a way out of... Club Dead.
1 h 30 min
Release Date
1 November 2015
Garon Atencio, Doug Bilitch, Taisha Monique Clark, Trish Cook, Katie Cordero, Michael Q. Davis, Caroline Gombe, Kim Hamilton, Hope Alexandria Harris, Sophiah Koikas, Catherine Kyritsis, Suzanne LaChasse, Cheryl Lyone, Matt Masella, Doug Mattingly, Brad Potts