Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

She's making a scene over everything.

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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
When the teenager Mary Elizabeth Steppe, a.k.a. Lola, moves with her mother and two younger twin sisters from New York to the suburb of Dellwood, New Jersey, she has the feeling that her cultural and entertaining world ended. While in school, the displaced Lola becomes close friend of the unpopular Ella, who is also a great fan of the her favorite rock band Sidarthur. However, the most popular girl in the school, Carla Santini, disputes the lead role in an adaptation of Pygmalion with Lola and also the leadership of their mates. When the last concert of Sidarthur is sold-out, Lola plans with Ella to travel to New York and buy the tickets from scalpers. However, the girls get into trouble while helping the lead singer and Lola's idol Stu Wolf, changing their lives forever.
1 h 29 min
Release Date
17 February 2004
Lindsay Lohan, Adam Garcia, Glenne Headly, Alison Pill, Megan Fox, Barbara Mamabolo, Pedro Miguel Arce, Eli Marienthal, Carol Kane, Sheila McCarthy, Tom McCamus, Richard Fitzpatrick, Sheila Sealy-Smith, Ashley Leggat, Maggie Oskam, Rachael Oskam, Adam MacDonald, Gerry Quigley, Connor Lynch, Kevin Brown, Bruce McFee, Diane Douglass, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Zoe