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The Prize Fighter
"Bags" the boxer (funnyman Tim Conway) and his manager, Shake (Don Knotts), are quite a pair: One is a dim bulb, and the other has a mean streak. Times are tough and they must save their gym, so they line up some moneymaking fights. But when Bags and Shake discover that the bouts have been rigged, they end up with their backs to the wall and must fight back -- literally.
1 h 39 min
Release Date
2 November 1979
Don Knotts, Tim Conway, David Wayne, Cisse Cameron, Robin Clarke, Holly Conover, Billy Asher, Alfred E. Covington, Bill Crabb, Kenneth Daniel, Mike DeFabis, Joe Dorsey, J. Don Ferguson, Dan Fitzgerald, Charles Franzen, Les Hatfield, Ted Henning, Charles R. Honce Jr., Edith Ivey, Billy J. Johnson, Bryan Jones, May Keller, Irwin Keyes, Joan Benedict Steiger, Michael LaGuardia, John Myhers, Danny Nelson, George Nutting, Scott Oliver, Mary Ellen O'Neill, Marc Pickard, Johnny Popwell Sr., Fred Saxon, Howard Stopeck, Roy Tatum, Lou Walker, Merle G. Cain, Geoff Webber, Timothy Webber, Willie J. Woods, Jimmy Cook, Perry Quinn, Jerry Campbell, Clyde Jones, Richard Haliburton, Aron Siegel, Wallace Wilkinson
Comedy, Crime, Family