Anne Archer

5.1 Good Guys Wear Black

The former leader of a commando rescue attempt into Vietnam tries to discover why his squad members are being murdered, one-by-one, after the war is over.

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4.9 Raise the Titanic

To obtain a supply of a rare mineral, a ship raising operation is conducted for the only known source, the Titanic.

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5.6 Green Ice

He wanted adventure…She craved revenge…Emeralds held the answer.

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5.6 Family Prayers

This coming of age story set in the 1960s takes a look at the effects of a couple’s break-up on a sensitive, thirteen year old Jewish boy in the 1960s.

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  • 1993

6.1 The Honkers

An over-the-hill rodeo champion is so self-centered that he ignores his wife, son, and best friend.

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5.8 Paradise Alley

Sylvester Stallone is fighting the odds again, this time in the wrestling ring. As Cosmo Carboni, he and his two brothers dream of getting out of Hell’s Kitchen (circa 1946) and into the big time. The exit signs point to…

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6.7 Uncle Nino

A distant, slightly dysfunctional family is brought closer together when the father’s long-estranged Uncle Nino comes from Italy to Chicago for a surprise visit.

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6.0 Hero at Large

An idealistic but struggling actor finds his life unexpectedly complicated when he stops a robbery while wearing the costume of Captain Avenger, a superhero character of a film he is hired to to promote. He decides to dabble at being…

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5.4 Cancel My Reservation

Bob Hope is a stressed out talk show host who is sent on a vacation to Arizona on doctor’s orders and has to play Sherlock Holmes with his wife, the lovely Eva Marie Saint, to solve a series of murders…

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  • 1972

5.7 Nico the Unicorn

As an 11-year-old boy struggles to cope with a disability, he finds a pony who gives birth to a unicorn which he takes care of.

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