Denise Ho: Becoming the Song

This timely documentary explores the singer’s remarkable journey from Cantopop superstar to outspoken political activist, putting her life and career on the line in support of Hong Konger’s struggle to maintain their political freedom.

Deliver Me

A film on the come back of exorcism in the contemporary world. Each year a growing number of people call their sense of unease “possession.” The Church answers to this spiritual emergency nominating an increasing number of exorcist priests and…

A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance explores the life and dreams of young dancers at the dawn of adolescence. A tender and captivating documentary in which the students of the Quebec Superior Ballet School tell each other with candid lucidity.

Dead Man’s Party: The Making of Halloween 5

In-depth Scream Factory documentary; one that doesn’t sugarcoat any aspect of the production, from its rushed beginnings to the assembling of its cast and crew, its rocky production, and the many difficulties the filmmakers encountered along the way. Interviews with…

F.C. Funkytown: Dare to Dream

This documentary follows a group of aspiring young soccer stars as they create their own club soccer team and dominate rival clubs throughout north jersey’s indoor 5 v 5 soccer scene

Crop Circles – Evidence of Intelligence

People have seen crop circles created by a tube of light in less than fifteen seconds, bending the plants without damage, altering the electromagnetic field and soil, and encoding new math theorems. Now that you know what humans can’t do,…

Pantera: Cowboys From Hell

Pantera’s first home video release. It contains behind the scenes footage of the band partying as well as music videos and live performances.

Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan: ‘Cowboy’ Jack Clement’s Home Movies

A Documentary about Nashville’s Maverick songwriter/producer, ‘Cowboy’ Jack Clement.

Mary Berry’s Country House at Christmas

Mary Berry visits Harewood House in Yorkshire as it prepares for Christmas on a grand scale, and demonstrates how to make delicious recipes inspired by festive dishes of the past.