3.2 Zombie Bro

A young girl must enlist her juvenile father to help save the town from her biting brother. Whilst she’s trying to save the town, she must go through school life whilst hiding her brother’s true form

6.1 Shakuntala Devi

Based on the life of Shakuntala Devi who is a well-known mathematical genius and calculating progidy from India. She has been nicknamed ‘Human Computer’ because of her extraordinary talent and skill in solving complex mathematical problems without any mechanical aid.

7.1 Sethum Aayiram Pon

Meeting after many years, a makeup artist and her grandmother revisit tensions from an old family feud that still hangs heavy between them.

6.6 Raising Izzie

Gertie and Izzie are two young girls on their own. Abandoned by their father and orphaned by their mother, they are doing the best they can to stay in school, stay undetected and stay together. With assistance from their mother…

8 Prawaas

After a medical emergency gives him a wake-up call, Abhijat Inamdar decides to live his life to the fullest by helping other people with their problems and searching for his purpose to live.

6.8 One Stop Away

A high school teacher has his faith tested as he reconnects with his dying friend. Faced with losing his job, he must find a way to get through to his students, reconnect with his past, and remember what really matters…

5.2 Mary for Mayor

Running for mayor against her incumbent mayor father, an eighteen-year-old young woman learns valuable life lessons that not only are the building blocks to saving her family, but also the town she lives in.

4.4 Elcano & Magellan: The First Voyage Around the World

The first journey around the world began under the command of Ferdinand Magellan and was concluded by Juan Sebastián Elcano. Five boats left Seville on September 20, 1519. Storms, famine, tribes… Three years later, only one made it back. An…

6.4 The Sleepwalkers

A woman and her 14-year-old daughter, who is a sleepwalker, in the midst of awakening. A marriage on the edges of a silenced crisis. A ritualistic, matriarchal, and endogamous family. Grandmother, siblings, cousins. A new summer, sweat, alcohol, traditions. Naked…

Jiang Ziya

To earn his place amongst the gods, celestial army commander Jiang Ziya must vanquish a terrifying fox demon threatening the very existence of the mortal realm. After learning the creature’s fate is tied to that of a young girl, Jiang…