Anne Jackson

6.3 How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life

Wealthy playboy David Sloane wrongly believes good girl Carol Corman is his best friend’s mistress.

6.0 Nasty Habits

In a Philadelphia convent, two nuns battle it out to be elected to the position of head abbess, and neither is about to let anything stand in the way of getting what she wants.

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5.2 Dirty Dingus Magee

Ass-breaker Dingus Magee is looking for a gold train when he comes upon old acquaintance Hoke Birdsill on stage to San Francisco, and robs him of his money. Hoke goes to the nearby town of Yerkey’s Hole, where Belle Knops…

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5.8 Folks!

A slightly self absorbed yuppie takes in his parents including his senile father, after their home burns down. But his personal and professional life fall apart soon after.

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6.3 Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Women

The film is divided into two segments, both set in Europe during WWII.

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