Art Hindle

5.9 Inn Love by Christmas

Mandy Leeds, a successful young woman living in Miami, is climbing her way up the corporate ladder in the hotel industry. Though she doesn’t get back to her small northern hometown much, this year her Gram is able to finally…

6.6 Some Kind of Miracle

The story of a TV newscaster who is paralyzed in a surfing accident and how he, and his fiance, have to adjust to his being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The Gunfighters

In this pilot Western produced for Canadian television, two brothers and their cousin become bandits to rescue their ranch from a greedy land developer.

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6.7 The Wild Pony

To save her ranch after the accidental death of her husband, a woman marries the man responsible for the mishap.

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5.3 Blind Trust

When a woman goes on trial for killing her best friend and boyfriend in the heat of passion, the best criminal defender in town takes her case. When he loses, she goes on the lam to find out who set…

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4.7 Dixie Lanes

A small-town Southern family may have survived World War II, but will they survive a family reunion?

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  • 1988