A Little Night Music

Send in the clowns... send in the crowds... the Tony-Award winning musical is now a lot of movie!

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A Little Night Music
"Fredrik Egerman is very happy in his marriage to a seventeen-year-old virgin, Anne. Only she's been a virgin for the whole eleven months of the marriage, and being a bit restless, Fredrik goes to see an old flame, the famous actress Desiree Armfeldt. Desiree is getting tired of her life, and is thinkin of settling down, and sets her sights on Fredrik, despite his marriage, and her own married lover Count Carl-Magnus. She gets her mother to invite the Egermans to her country estate for the weekend. But when Carl-Magnus and his wife Charlotte appear, too, things begin to get farcical (Send in the Clowns), and the night must smile for the third time before all the lovers are united." Written by Kathy Li
2 h 04 min
Release Date
1 December 1977
Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Rigg, Len Cariou, Lesley-Anne Down, Hermione Gingold, Laurence Guittard, Christopher Guard, Lesley Dunlop, Chloe Franks, Heinz Marecek, Dagmar Koller, Ruth Brinkman, Jonathan Tunick, Hubert Tscheppe, Jean Sincere, Stephan Paryla-Raky
Comedy, Music, Romance