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Bye Bye Blues
Story about a WWII wife & mother who joins a local dance band to provide for family while husband at war. Romantic involvement with one of the band members make her decisions difficult when husband returns from war. Story watches the progression of the band as it grows into a popular, successful recording and touring group. Excellent music and soundtrack.
1 h 57 min
Release Date
9 September 1989
Michael Ontkean, Rebecca Jenkins, Chad Krowchuk, Jyoti Dhembre, Sumant Mastaher, Tom Alter, Mohan Agashe, Susan Wooldridge, Vincent Gale, Leslie Yeo, Ron Carothers, Kate Reid, Robyn Stevan, Sheila Moore, Luke Reilly, Wayne Robson, Susan Sneath, Stuart Margolin, Francis Damberger, Kaye Grieve, Leon Pownall, Kirk Duffee, Aaron Goettel, Margaret Bard, Laurie Bardsley, Hamish Boyd, Timothy E. Brummund, Ross Campbell, Jennifer Darlene Connors-Hollett, Beverley Elliott, Blayne Fowler, Gary Koliger, Aline Levasseur, Aline Levasseur, Aline Levasseur, Frank Manfredi, Murray McCune, John Pyper-Ferguson, John Walters, Warren Sulatycky, Harry S. Truman
Music, Drama, Romance