Doctor Who: Warriors’ Gate

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Doctor Who: Warriors' Gate
A strange creature forces its way into the TARDIS, steering it to a white void occupied only by the ruins of an old building and a spaceship. This empty space is a gateway to the past and future. The creature responsible for taking them there is Biroc, a member of the enslaved race known as the Tharil. The gateway offers the only exit from E-Space, but the void is contracting. Are the Fourth Doctor and his friends fated to spend eternity in E-Space? What final shocking revelation awaits the Doctor?
1 h 40 min
Release Date
24 January 1981
Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, Matthew Waterhouse, John Leeson, Clifford Rose, Kenneth Cope, David Kincaid, Harry Waters, Vincent Pickering, David Weston, Jeremy Gittins, Robert Vowles, Freddie Earlle
Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, TV Movie