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Incident at Oglala
On June 26, 1975, during a period of high tensions on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, two FBI agents were killed in a shootout with a group of Indians. Although several men were charged with killing the agents, only one, Leonard Peltier, was found guilty. This film describes the events surrounding the shootout and suggests that Peltier was unjustly convicted.
1 h 29 min
Release Date
8 May 1992
Robert Redford, Leonard Peltier, Norman Zigrossi, Robert Sikma, Darelle Butler, Bob Robideau, Norman Brown, Duane Brewer, Calvin Jumping Bull, William Muldrow, Dennis Banks, James Abourezk, Sam Loud Hawk, Severt Young Bear, John Trudell, Kenneth Tilsen, Russell Means, William Kunstler, William Janklow, Deborah White Plume, Bernice White Hawk, Jeanette Eagle Hawk, Beau Little Sky, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Wallace Little, Nilak Butler, Wilma Blacksmith, Kenny Loud Hawk, Morris Wounded, Lou Bean, Billy Bean, Russell Loud Hawk, Edward McManus, Bruce Ellison, John Lowe, Robert Bolin, Lynn Crooks, Evan Hultman, Myrtle Poor Bear, Warren Allmand, Gerald Heaney, Robert Ecoffey, Clarence Kelly, Jean Bordeaux, Marquetta Peltier, Richard Wilson