Lucky Stiff

A musical comedy about diamonds, dogs, love & death.

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Lucky Stiff
An English shoe salesman inherits 6 million dollars from a recently deceased uncle he has never met before, on the condition that he takes the uncle's corpse on a trip to Monte Carlo.
1 h 18 min
Release Date
8 October 2014
Dominic Marsh, Nikki M. James, Pamela Shaw, Jason Alexander, Dennis Farina, Don Amendolia, Kate Shindle, Mary Birdsong, Anthony Skordi, Jayne Houdyshell, Maggie Carney, Kent Avenido, Herschel Sparber, Steve West, Mary Jo Catlett, Noah Weisberg, Cheyenne Jackson, Jennifer Cody, Jim Piddock, Juliet Mills, Benjamin Stone, Paul Tigue, Kevin Chamberlin, Heather Ayers, Chryssie Whitehead, Bobbie Bates, Nancy DeMars, Marty Dew, Hannah Douglass, Sarah B. Downey, Jacquelyn Dowsett, Susan Farese, Jerald Garner, Aden Chase Gisser, Devin Hennessy, Brandon Henschel, David Dustin Kenyon, Anthony Marciona, Rachael Markarian, Tanee McCall, Angelina McCoy, Sarah Mitchell, Chris Moss, Dennis Nicomede, Brittany Perry-Russell, Mike Powers, Summer E. Sinclair, Becca Sweitzer, Wesley Taylor, Marco Tazioli, Joanna Theobalds, Catherine Urbanek, Sal Velez Jr., Sharon Wilkins, Pamela Wistrom, Arne Starr
Comedy, Music