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Already a middle-aged but still unrecognized artist, Arkady Sinikhin, on the very eve of New Year, was expelled by his wife from home. While wandering the streets, Sinikhin accidentally finds the receiver of a mobile phone, which he threw out of the militia, a bear thief. Thanks to someone else's phone, Arkady finds out the place where the thieves' booty is hidden, and finds himself at a high-society party. Here he meets the owner of the art gallery Apollon Kostanakis. Having drunk fairly, a couple of new friends decided to appropriate the gangster stash and arrange an exhibition-sale of Sinihin's paintings. But the first visitor to this exhibition is a robbed bear-thief who is eager to get his money back ...
1 h 41 min
Release Date
10 March 2002
Aleksandr Abdulov, Natalya Andreychenko, Leonid Yakubovich, Tatiana Cherkasova, Regina Myannik, Sergei Stepanchenko, Vyacheslav Molokov, Aleksey Salpanov, Andrey Batukhanov, Mikhail Lukashov
Comedy, Crime