The Devil and Leroy Bassett

A God fearin' good old boy with a touch of the devil in 'im

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The Devil and Leroy Bassett
Sheriff Ben Trask (Elliott Lindsey)is chasing a speeding car driven by Keema GReywolf (Cody Bearpaw) and his wife (Imagene Goodshot)when Keema's car has a blowout and crashes into a ravine. Keema blames the sheriff and in his anger draws Trask's gun, wounds the sheriff and kills his deputy. He escapes to Texas but is captured and held for extradition. The Basset brother, Leroy (John F. Goff), Wilbur (George 'Buck' Flower) and Melvin (James A. Ward), take Keema from Deputy Hector Chavez (Robert Padilla as Bob Padilla), and Keema releases Chavez with a message of revenge for Sheriff Trask. Keema and the Bassetts drive to a secluded mountain cabin, inhabited by Charlie Zornes (Dick Winslow), his wife Alma (Lillian McBride), and their deaf-mute daughter, Twila ('Bobbi Shaw' ), take the Zornes' camper and attempt to escape the roadblocks and posse headed by Trask. Written by Les Adams
1 h 25 min
Release Date
1 January 1973
John F. Goff, Cody Bearpaw, George Buck Flower, Bobbie Shaw Chance