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The Personals
The Personals is a movie for anyone who hasn't yet found what they're looking for or who remembers how tough it can be to find it. Rene Liu plays an eye doctor who's become disaffected with her present life and is craving something more – namely love and marriage. She's attractive, has a good job, and a decent apartment. Up until now she has done everything she's supposed to do, but it just hasn't worked for her. She's still alone. Now, she decides to take the extreme measure of advertising for a husband in the personals. The search leads her down the slippery slope of the modern dating scene whose universal quirkiness transcends the boundaries of all industrialized societies.
1 h 36 min
Release Date
13 March 1998
René Liu, Wu Bai, Chen Chao-jung, Gu Bao-Ming, Chin Shih-Chieh, Yi-nan Shih, Chao-ming Wang, Wen-hsi Chen, Doze Niu Cheng-Tse, Hsueh-Liang Pu
Not Rated
Drama, Comedy, Romance